: Winter Edition - Page 9


Hestia- enjoys staying home by the fire, and as the goddess of the hearth, thinks we should stay home even more.

Artemis- doesn't know there's a pandemic. She's out hunting with her nymphs, completely unaware of current events.

Poseidon- complied with social distancing and wearing his mask at first, but he stopped right away. Poseidon went down to his beach house and now takes regular boating trips to "cope with the stress."

Dionysus- he's (understandably) a major advocate for reopening bars and clubs.

Aphrodite- definitely cut and dyed her hair during quarantine. It looks amazing because she's the goddess of beauty and she started the curtain bangs trend. Unfortunately, she stopped social distancing because she got bored.

Check out the Photo of the Season winners at @OhioJCL, who hosted fabulous events while following COVID guidelines!