: Winter Edition - Page 20

I know we are all familiar with Zoom by now, a platform that I (and many others) didn't know of this time a year ago, but now it serves as our main source of communication. However, I would like to introduce you to the new possibilities it holds for us, and how we can use it to bring some JCLove into our homes. While many of us would rather be in Columbus, I urge you not to ignore the potential of this year's Convention.

One online event that was a huge success at Fall Forum and will be carried over to Convention is Impromptu Art. Participants are going to be given a theme and then will complete a new masterpiece in a designated amount of time. At Convention, JCLers will be placed into breakout rooms, but they'll also be allowed to bounce between events while creating their art. And when time runs out, students will submit their masterpieces for judging.

But more than just graphic arts are being adapted to virtual Convention. Certamen, a JCL staple, is a top priority. Certamen matches have been taking place throughout the pandemic, and will have a place at this year's virtual convention. Matches will be live and scattered throughout the weekend as usual, and a late-night Certamen study mixer will be held with Editor Kendall Richard, for those of you still itching for that sleep deprivation.


A Guide to Online Activities

Historian Gie Wilson