The OJCL Torch Winter Edition - Page 19


Officer Baking contest

The OJCL executive officers participated in an Instagram live bake-off. Each officer worked tirelessly to produce a baked dish inspired by a different Greek god. From chicken to cupcakes, the OJCL board created delicious treats. Pierce's Ares-inspired chicken lost in the voting, and he was pied in the face. To see the video of Pierce's punishment and the rest of the baked goods, check out the OJCL instagram!

Game Night

In preparation for convention, The OJCL hosted a virtual Game Night. Attendees were split into Breakout Rooms and rotated through various games along with the officers. Participants played a pictionary game, completed an at-home scavenger hunt, and voted out the imposters through rounds of Among Us. The event was a fun way to meet up with other JCLers before convention, and let loose in a virtually connected setting.