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Event Recaps


Secretary Jimmy Fraley

This October, the OJCL hosted its 5th annual Fall Forum. Normally held at Columbus Academy, the event was hosted virtually this year. Here are some of the highlights:

In the morning, all OJCL officers and forum attendees were split into Breakout Rooms for colloquia. All the colloquia topics were extremely interesting and covered a wide range of topics, from social media to OJCL elections, with impromtu art being a fan favorite. Additionally, Dr. Maggie Popkin and Dr. Fred Drogula both gave talks, and were featured on the OJCL instagram.

Fall Forum also featured testing, which featured brilliant questions, forcing students to think 'did Catullus write

Fall Forum

October 17

about Ms. Mays?' Certamen was also a huge hit, featuring mixes of schools on combined teams. Despite this being the first virtual Fall Forum, it ran smoothly, and was an overwhelming success.

This year's impromtu art session, featuring president Chloe Constantinides