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This winter ’ s fashion embraces the concept of ‘ hygge ’

FASHION , from P . 5 clothing for women and children as well as jewelry , jackets and footwear . The store has dressing rooms for trying on different outfits and getting that perfect fit . Apparel around the shop is displayed to show trendy styles and ways to match different pieces together .
“ Last year we had a fashion show and we would like to do another one this year for infants , toddlers and women . We will have a nice variety of everything for that ,” Yanoschak said .
Some of the clothing available and on display now include long sweaters , sweater-jackets , dressier work clothes and evening attire as well as casual jeans and T-shirts . Matching shoes , handbags , decor and jewelry also to create the perfect look . Children ’ s fashion includes corduroy pants and coverall outfits , leggings , sweater tops , long sleeves with matching head pieces , backpacks and hair accessories . Perhaps also has Valentine ’ s-themed children ’ s clothing with
purses and jewelry to match . Trendy moms can find the perfect stroller handbags , sunglasses and bags for afternoons shopping in town .
Exit 28 , is also located on Bellevue Avenue . It ’ s a cute and stylish boutique with very up-to-date fashionable clothing for women . The winter
fashion proved to be comfortable in style here as well .
“ Easy yet cute throw on the go dresses , convertible skirts / dresses and a lot of pieces that are easy , comfortable yet provide a stylish look ” Christina Carnesale said about their winter inventory .
She added that the store is moving into spring trends .
“ We had a great holiday . Our store is currently transitioning over into spring / summer , where a lot of the trends this year are brighter colors , bold patterns , and pieces that can be styled / worn multiple different ways ,” Carnesale said .
The Exit 28 boutique conveniently tucked away in between shops on Bellevue Avenue has a very stylish selection to choose from . Whether your in need of those cold comfortable winter styles or looking ahead to spring fashion they have what your looking for from fashion forward jeans and oversized sweaters to matching necklaces and hand bags to pull the look together . If you ’ re in a hurry to wipe away winter the spring selection here is also very trendy . Bright colored tops , rompers , shorts and matching accessories are already on display .
Embrace the feeling of hygge and check out this winter ’ s fashion as Hammonton ’ s boutiques .