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Live music part of the fun at Annata

MUSIC , from P . 8 to Annata , too .
“ There are a lot of musicians that we have that have regulars who come and see them , but sometimes people show up — maybe it ’ s their first time there — and they weren ’ t expecting music . It ’ s always well-received and a pleasant surprise . Generally , everyone ’ s excited about it . Usually on Thursdays and Fridays , it ’ s a little more upbeat of a crowd , so it adds to the fun theme ,” Dolan said .
Dolan said that the musicians at Annata play a variety of genres .
“ There ’ s a lot of classic rock , but they ’ ll throw in their twist on modern pop music . It ’ s a nice , diverse mix ... Everyone kind of has the same vibe : starting off slow , and turning it up if you need to . Some of the musicians do play a little more country or a little more classic rock ,” Dolan said .
One of the newer musicians at Annata , Mike Lunemann , plays more of what Dolan called “ party music .”
“ The staff was sending me videos on a Friday night of him dressed up and dancing , and having a good time . It wasn ’ t a huge crowd , maybe six or seven girls who were dancing by the bar . If you ’ re feeling it and you want to get up and dance , we ’ ll find the room for you ,” Dolan said .
Dolan said that the musicians primarily perform in the front room of Annata , but there are plans for the banquet room .
“ The third Saturday of the next two months , we ’ re going to do a disco night with DJ Tony Macrie . We ’ ll clear the room out and have plenty of room for dancing . It ’ s a nice , groovy little dance night ,” Dolan said .
Additionally , Dolan said that she plans to resume outdoor music in Annata ’ s wine garden once warmer temperatures return .
“ It ’ s always a different kind of scene , but very relaxing . There ’ s a little stage out there , and it ’ s always a nice ambience for listening to music ,” Dolan said .
Those plans , Dolan said , may extend to Third Thursdays .
“ We have music every Thursday . If the weather is right on a Third Thursday , we ’ ll certainly coordinate with MainStreet Hammonton and try to have music outside ,” Dolan said .
Dolan said that the best way to stay informed about upcoming acts is to follow Annata on Facebook and Instagram — both at @ annatawinebar — for weekly updates .
Whether music , food or drink , Dolan said that Annata Wine Bar has “ something for everyone .”
“ If you are a wine drinker , we have a great selection . If you like cocktails , we have plenty of cocktails . Or , if you don ’ t drink , there ’ s plenty of non-alcoholic beverages , too . The food ranges from different price points that can accommodate all budgets . The service is spectacular , so you ’ ll always go away having a fun experience with your servers . The music is an added bonus , where you ’ re getting free , live entertainment while you eat . Who doesn ’ t love that ?” Dolan said .