Winter 2023 Newsletter January 2023 | Page 5



Staff Check-In

Chris Perdziola, Resource and Support Specialist

We get an incredible number of calls from adults who think they may have autism, or significant others, or parents, or siblings, or friends seeking out help. They want to better understand their lives.

We connect them with professionals who are well-versed in working with adults on the spectrum as well as connecting them with adults on the spectrum, many of which were diagnosed later in life.  Adults as young as 18 to as mature as into their 60s thus far have contacted us for guidance.

We work with them, not just initially to get them connected to the proper resources on their journey of discovery, but periodically throughout the lifespan.  They come out of their experience with relief and thankfulness because as many have said “My life makes sense now.”  These self discovery gifts give them ownership of their lives working on ways to overcome some of the struggles as well as ways to celebrate their attributes.

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