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The Thursday morning kennel cleaning crew is a relatively new one , with two-thirds of the volunteers joining the shift this year . Even so , Sue Wisthuff , Colleen Murphy , Katy Radek , Margaret Sullivan , Christy Dan , and Stephanie Quiles work so well together you ’ d think they ’ ve known each other for years ! Sue , the shift coordinator and 13-year veteran , says that “ everyone pitches in , works hard and loves the pooches !” Margaret , one of the shift newbies , loves the pups and the positive energy of her shift . Thursday mornings are the highlight of her week .

One thing these ladies all have in common is their love of dogs . Volunteering at WSHS gives each of them a chance to learn about different breeds and distinct dog personalities . They all appreciate that there is something special about every single dog . Katy has realized “ how much giving love and attention to animals positively impacts their lives ” and Christy agrees , saying “ I don ’ t have to take them all home to help save them .”
Sue adopted her 80lb lab mix Cooper from WSHS 14 years ago . Christy recently said goodbye to her two cats , 17-year-old tortie Sobi and 12-year-old black kitty Buddy . Christy grew up on a farm with dogs , cats , chickens , geese , pigs , and cows ; Stephanie also grew up with a menagerie of dogs , birds , cats , snakes , lizards , small mammals , and even ducks . She has her family ’ s home number saved under “ The Zoo ” in her contacts list . Margaret , Colleen and Katy have no animals in their homes right now , but their passion for animals brought them to WSHS to volunteer . Colleen likes to think that one day every week she shares her life and her heart with 20 dogs .
This team ’ s volunteering spirit at WSHS is not limited to Thursday mornings . Sue also helps at Barkapalooza and hopes to get more involved once she retires from her work at the public library . Colleen , Katy and Christy often


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pick up additional shifts during the week and on holidays and Christy has recently volunteered to coordinate the Canine Enrichment Program at WSHS .
When not at the shelter , you ’ ll find these outgoing women in the great outdoors ( Margaret likes hiking and exploring nature , Christy loves snow skiing and snowshoeing , and Stephanie enjoys many outside activities ), in the community ( Sue volunteers with the theater and Meals on Wheels and Katy is a fan of live music ), and even up in the air ( Colleen has her pilot ’ s license ). On Thursday mornings , you are likely to find them together in a yard , enjoying the company of the dogs and each other . Whether they are taking pictures of the dogs to promote them on social media or laughing at the dogs ’ antics and their reaction to Margaret ’ s squeaky toy impersonation , these women are always having a good time !

Ways to Give

WSHS can accept cash , check , and credit card donations . Copy and paste this link in your browser : www . wshs-dg . org / online-donation-form
This will take you directly to our online donation page . You can choose to make a one-time gift or you can set up a monthly donation .
To give a donation in check form , make checks payable to the West Suburban Humane Society and mail it to : West Suburban Humane Society , 1901 Ogden Avenue Downers Grove , IL 60515
We will send a confirmation of your gift that can be used when filing your taxes .