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If you have been reading these training articles , you have assuredly seen a theme of exercising with your pup . After all , nothing says ‘ responsible dog owner ’ as much as going for the obligatory daily walk . Not only are daily walks needed , but they are fun ! We encourage all dog owners to walk their dogs each day , starting from a young age . Going on a walk is good exercise , it helps with socialization , and it provides tons of mental stimulation .

Many dogs do not receive enough exercise , and this often leads to obesity and other health problems . Daily walks can help prevent these issues since they are a safe form of exercise that a dog can enjoy throughout their entire life . Young puppies aren ’ t ready for intense exercise yet due to their rapidly developing bodies , but short walks are great . If you are worried about their joints walking on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt , let them walk on the grass next to the sidewalk . Ten minutes is a great starting place with a young puppy , and you can increase the length of the walk the older the dog gets . These daily walks are not only great exercise for your dog but you as well . Throughout the years , there have been many studies showing that dog owners are healthier than non-dog owners . They play a large role in both the mental and physical health of the owner and the dog .
Walks also help to socialize your pup . Socialization is so important that we have dedicated multiple full articles on it . If you have not read them , you should go back and do so . While out on your daily walks , your pup will see people , dogs , other animals , trucks , cars , and countless other things they will encounter throughout their lives . Seeing
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these things during a puppy ’ s critical socialization period is incredibly important . As your dog ages , continuing to see these things will help ensure your dog remains well socialized for life .
We just wanted to share that Stewie is settling in nicely to our home . He enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with us and loved unwrapping some presents . Stewie is enjoying snuggling up to us at night in bed , his Kong full of yummies , lots of walks , his chew toys , and all the pets and snuggles he could ever hope for . He is the sweetest , most loving dog ! He has his moments of young pup crazies , but we are working on that mouthing . We love this little guy so much already . We just wanted to let everyone know Stewie is doing great , as we know you have all invested so much time , care , and love into making him the amazing dog that he is .
Much love , The Nash Family
Your dog will get a ton of mental stimulation from their daily walk and is very important for their long-term well-being . Dogs need a chance to see new things , hear new things , and smell new things . Dogs live for adventure , and being cooped up all day in the house is not enough for them to live their best life . A simple daily walk adds so much stimulation to their day and does make a difference .
We cannot forget the last reason daily walks are essential . They are fun ! Walks are such a great time to bond with your pup and spend time together . There is no greater joy than exploring the great outdoors with your little buddy !
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