Wingin' It - Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Wingin' It - Issue 6 - December 2015

Wingin’ It Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Issue 6—December 2015 Airport Development Plan, Governance Documents Approved by City Council The Airport Development Plan has been completed. On November 17, 2015, City Council held a final reading of an ordinance amending 99 square miles - the Compre- hensive Plan for the City of Arlington to incorporate the Airport Development Plan. The next step in the process is to submit the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) to the FAA for approval. Once the FAA accepts the ALP, the infrastructure projects listed become eligible for grants that can cover up to 90% of the cost of a project. The City Council also adopted new Governance Documents for the Airport. These play an essential role in airport operation and management. General Aviation Minimum Standards, and the Leasing and Development Policy are critical to fostering quality airport development, by providing clear guidance for companies that wish to do business at the Airport. Airport Rules and Regulations apply to everyone on the Airport, and include sections on aircraft operation, fueling regulations, airside vehicle operations, general conduct, etc. It is important to note that the new Minimum Standards adopted set the stage for the way the airport will do business in the future. Existing agreements are not affected, and businesses currently operating at the airport are grandfathered, if they are in compliance with the previous Minimum Standards. Inclement Weather Preparations at GKY Operations staff have been diligently preparing for winter weather. This year, we will apply the solid deicer, Sodium Formate, prior to spraying with the liquid deicer, Potas- sium Acetate. The Sodium Formate will create holes in the ice, allowing the Potassium Acetate to create a barrier between the ice and pavement. This should make removal of any accumulation much easier. For snow and ice accumulation that does occur, Airport staff will use a new snow plow attachment, in conjunction with a new snow blower and a hydraulic rotary broom attachment. (continued page 4) 5000 S. Collins Street Arlington, TX 76018 Ofc: 817-459-5570 Fax: 817-466-8653 Paperless Billing Reduce waste and sign up for paperless billing today! If you prefer to have your monthly invoice emailed to you, please contact Trudi at with the address you’d like your invoice sent to. Hangar Inspections Annual hangar Inspections will be postponed until Spring of 2016, due to planned repairs of the City’s T-hangars. Information on the inspection and fire extin- guisher roundup will be sent out sometime in March. Snow/Ice Removal Priority Standard snow/ice removal priorities are as follows:  Runway 16/34  Taxiway Alpha  Taxiway Delta and FBO Ramp  Remaining Taxiway Alpha Stubs  Terminal Ramp  Taxiway Golf and Remain- ing Stubs  Remaining Ramps These are subject to change due to operational needs.