Wingin' It - Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Wingin' It - Issue 4 - March 2015

Wingin’ It Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Issue 4—March 2015 Visibility Minimums Increase to ¾-Mile Runway 34 is currently served by an instrument landing system (ILS) which consists of a glideslope antenna, localizer antenna, and medium intensity approach lighting system (MALS) with runway alignment indicator lights (RAIL). Combined, the system is known as a MALSR. 5000 S. Collins Street Arlington, TX 76018 Ofc: 817-459-5570 Fax: 817-466-8653 In 2009, the FAA asked the Airport to accept a MALSF (MALSR without the RAIL). In 2010, as the MALSF project was nearing completion, the FAA informed the City it was raising the minimum approach requirement. A MALSR was now required for a ½-mile minimum, so FAA Flight Standards commissioned our MALSF with a ¾-mile minimum.  When driving on the air- port, remember the speed The ¾-mile minimum remained until 2014 when the FAA finally added the RAIL to the limit is 15 mph MALSF. The MALSR was commissioned, and the FAA published an updated ILS ap- proach with ½-mile visibility minimum. This change increased the area of the Runway  Air safety and surface Protection Zone (RPZ), which is sized according to design aircraft and the instrument error prevention program landing minimums. The ½-mile minimum RZP is 800 feet longer, and includes land out- pamphlets are available on side the Airport’s control, zoned as residential. This is an incompatible land use, and request because of recent incidents, the FAA no longer grants variances with runway protec- tion zone (RPZ) standards.  If you notice suspicious Focus on Safety A second issue arose with the ½-mile minimum when our Development Plan consult- ants, Coffman and Associates, determined that the Airport needed to move to a De- sign Group III category because of the number of large aircraft operations. A Design Group III, plus an ILS with a ½ mile minimum requires a runway width of 150 ft., 50 ft. wider than our current runway. However, at a ¾-mile minimum, FAA Standards allow a 100 ft. runway in Design Group III. behavior, make notes or take a photo of the activity. Call airport operations at 817-459-5571 . Keep your distance and don’t take risks with your safety. (continued on Page 2) Inclement Weather Hits GKY When treating the Runway and Taxiways, we use an FAA-approved liquid, Potassi- um Acetate. This product will melt ice and snow, but it’s most effective when applied before a storm, to prevent the ice and snow from bonding to the pavement. This makes it easier for the plows to push the ice and snow off the pavement. How- ever, this particular storm was preceded by several hours of rain, before changing over to sleet, and finally to snow. (continued on Page 4) NEED ASSISTANCE AFTER HOURS? OPERATIONS STAFF CAN BE REACHED 24/7 BY CALLING 817-459-5571 Comments or Suggestions for Upcoming Newsletters? email airport or call Trudi loy at 817-459-5570