Wingin' It - Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Wingin' It - Issue 11 - March 2018

Wingin’ It Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Issue 11—March 2018 www.arlington‐ EAA Chapter 34 Young Eagles Rally 5000 S. Collins Street Arlington, TX 76018 Ofc: 817‐459‐5570 Fax: 817‐466‐8653 Opera ons (24/7): 817‐459‐5571 EAA is holding its Young Eagles Rally at the Airport terminal building on April 7, 2018, beginning at 9 a.m. The rally provides an opportunity for youth ages 8‐17 to learn about Avia on through ground school and other avia on‐related classes and to fly in a small aircra , at no cost. Mind the Gates! Approximately 50 children are registered for the event, and EAA is looking for pilot and ground school volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact David Setzer (214‐536‐9726), or Jo Ann McCorkle (682‐365‐5937). Larry Cross Earns Master CFI‐Aeroba c Award Larry Alan "Bat" Cross of Arlington Earns Master CFI‐Aeroba c Award Master Instructors LLC, said in a news release that all were accredited as Masters by Master Instructors LLC, the interna onal Master Instructor accredi ng authority. All obtained their designa on through the Master Instructor "Fluid Review" program online. Larry A Cross, a 1st‐ me Master as well as a member of SAFE and IAC, earned his Master CFI‐Aeroba c accredi‐ ta on on December 17. A former US Air Force officer and instructor pilot, Larry specializes in aeroba cs, upset preven on, upset recovery, and simulator training for highly experienced pilots with Avia on Performance Solu ons LLC at Arlington Municipal Airport (GKY). E‐mail: h p:// Many of the most recent Na onal Flight Instructors of the Year or Na onal FAASTeam Representa ves of the Year were Master CFIs. In addi on, the FAA has approved the accredita on as an alternate means for CFIs to renew their flight instructor cer ficates. FMI: Gate users are not ex‐ pected to physically prevent passage, but your presence at the gate can serve to pre‐ vent unauthorized or inadvertent access . If you SEE something, SAY something. OPERATIONS STAFF CAN BE REACHED 24/7 BY CALLING 817‐459‐5571 ArƟcle reprinted with permission, courtesy (Image provided by the individual Master Instructors) Comments or Sugges ons for Upcoming Newsle ers? . T Please remember to stop a er passing through a gate, remain physically present in the gate approach (within 8‐10 feet), and monitor un l the gate fully closes before leav‐ ing the area. The intent is to preclude unau‐ thorized vehicles or pedestrians from gain‐ ing access to the move‐ ment area. 817‐459‐5570