Wingin' It - Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Wingin' It - Issue 1 - December 2013

Wingin’ It Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Web address: 1st Qtr 2014 Email address: [email protected] GKY Business Spotlight Aviation Performance Solutions 5000 S. Collins, Ste. #208 Arlington, TX 76018 Office: 817-465-1881 Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), as an extension of their partnership with CAE, has opened a training facility at Arlington Municipal Airport. APS is aligned with CAE’s subsidiary, Simuflite, based at DFW Airport, to provide comprehensive academ- ic, in-flight, and simulator-based upset prevention and recovery training to corporate and mili- tary pilots. CAE is a global company specializing in modeling, simulation, and training for civil- ian and defense aviation clients worldwide. APS is the leading provider of upset prevention and recovery training in the world today with a worldwide fleet of nine aircraft. In addition to their Arlington location, APS has operations at the company’s headquarters in Phoenix, AZ and at APS Europe located in The Netherlands. News & Events February 23-25, 2014— CLOSURE NOTICE A 3-night closure is planned to repair the asphalt shoulders as part of the warranty work on Taxiway Golf. Closures will take place from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. the following morning. March 2, 2014—BLIMP ARRIVAL MetLife Blimp to arrive. The blimp will dock with us for approx- imately two weeks. Comments or Suggestions for Upcoming Newsletters? email airport or call Trudi loy at 817-459-5570. 5000 S. Collins Street Arlington, TX 76018 Ofc: 817-459-5570 Fax: 817-466-8653 Focus on Safety  When driving on the airport, remember the speed limit is 15 mph  Air safety and surface error prevention program pamphlets are available on re- quest  If you notice suspicious behavior, make notes or take a photo of the activity. Call airport operations at 817-459-5571 or after hours at 817-459-5533. Keep your distance and don’t take risks with your safety. April 5th and 7th, 2014— TOWER HOURS EXTENDED Tower hours will be extended for the Final Four Stadium event until 2 a.m. Saturday the 5th, and Monday the 7th. Increased police presence at the Airport is planned. Please be sure to check NOTAMs for updates. Issues of Concern Debris and prop wash are causing issues to the business in proximity to the south ramp. Aircraft should discontinue using the south ramp; instead, please proceed to the runup areas on RWY 16, 34, or to the enhanced run up area adjacent to TWY Golf. GKY Tower at Sunset—Photographed by Leah Thye, age 15