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297B­WINDOWS­DOORS_Layout­1­­2/18/14­­10:10­AM­­Page­1 comfortable in such an environment; that creates an easy and valuable engagement. DOOR and WINDOW REPLACEMENT HARDWARE If you want to advertise a time critical promotion, such as a special event, then your medium must be able to reach your target market quickly and efficiently. If you only want to advertise to specific geographic locations, your choice should be directed to those media channels that allow concentrated penetration within your chosen area. Clearly identifying your advertising objectives and only selecting those media channels that meet your objective will quickly narrow down the best media choices for you. 5. Can my chosen medium allow me to effectively measure the return on my marketing investment? Return on investment (ROI) is the key defining factor when planning your advertising and marketing budget. If you are unable to track the ROI how are you to know if this has been a successful media selection? Never choose a medium or develop an advertisement that doesn’t allow you to precisely track and calculate your results. You are responsible for the ultimate tracking of results so ensure your chosen medium provides you with an avenue to effectively capture this information then ensure you have the discipline to follow through and collect the information. Often the best intentions fail due to lack of discipline in collecting the information and all that good work is lost. Conclusion These five questions will help you to effectively determine the best choices for your business. However, the ultimate and only way to be absolutely sure is to test. Do not throw your entire budget behind one media channel without effectively testing its viability. This allows you to control your results and also maintain budget controls. You are able to accurately determine the effectiveness of your choices, and then move forward with greater confidence in your campaign’s success. To test different media channels, create trackable advertisements and offers, and develop a system for quantifying the results. Once you’ve found a medium that you know for a fact is profitable for your business, it’s time to increase your investment in that medium and maximise your returns. • Screen Wire, Supplies, and Tools • Storm Door and Window Supplies • Commercial Door Hardware • Insulating Glass Supplies and Tools • Patio Door Hardware • Home Security Hardware • Residential Window Hardware • Shower Enclosure Hardware OVER 700 PAGES OF DOOR AND WINDOW REPLACEMENT HARDWARE Get our new 83R DWH DOOR and WINDOW REPLACEMENT HARDWARE Catalog. Order, View or Download at For more informaiton, contact Stephanie Dale on 02 9912 4400, email sdale@ or visit A ® AUSTRALIA C.R. LAURENCE OF AUSTRALIA PHONE: 1 800 424 275 FAX: 1 800 813 013 JAB297B­_ 3/14 Stephanie launched DMC Advertising Group in 1996. It is a full service advertising agency and production house including graphic design, web design, campaign development, corporate branding, strategic development, copywriting, database management, relationship marketing, direct marketing, mail production, print management and sales promotion development, software, and management. Autumn 2016 Windows Magazine 21