WINDOWS Magazine Autumn 2016 - Page 21

whs on issues in a timely and responsive way. 4. the sooner you know, the simpler the cure The key is to make it comfortable and easy for individuals to discuss issues with their colleagues, their leaders and other team members. Make it clear that Speaking Up is expected and appreciated. The sooner the problem is uncovered, the sooner it can be fixed. 5. leaders need to say it and mean it Coach your leaders to be the best they can to walk the talk. They’ve got to be able to explain in their own words why it’s important to Speak Up – and that people who do Speak Up will not be penalised or harmed in any way. For more information, contact Maureen Kyne: 6. focus on training leaders Educate your leaders on how to detect and correct problems. Develop a message which should become the cultural standard: ‘Raise the issue, any issue, as long as you think or believe there is a problem. Whether it’s operational, tied to compliance, or in any way related to how we operate to protect the public and one another, we want to know about it.’ 7. simple messages are remembered. long ones, forgotten. How about a simple statement that expresses organisational commitment to learn about and fix problems: ‘Let us know, we’ll act.’ 8. what V