WINDOWS Magazine Autumn 2016 - Page 12

p eo p l e Service Excellence: The Search Continues placed. Service excellence at its best. Not! David Esler Principal, Kaizen Executive G iven the response we received from my last article regarding service excellence in our industry, I thought that I would share some further insights from my ongoing research, and also a little more detail into some of the findings and what I feel we should be doing differently to improve our approach to our customers. In my last article, I challenged you to take time out of your busy schedule to spend it either in your customer service or trade sales departments to listen and observe what is really happening to your customers. If my instinct is correct, a few of you will have done this. But I suspect that you were saying to yourself, ‘What is this guy David talking about? It wouldn’t happen in my business.’ Think again. What became very clear to me during my attempts at purchasing product is ]B