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substance, and this is the next Wykehamist, the fourth professor, John Harmar (Figure 7). A lot more is known about him because of that Winchester connection, for he became Schoolmaster in 1588, and Warden from 1596. He has been the subject of a very good book by Geoffrey Day, formerly archivist here, and I have learned a lot from that. For his first two years as Schoolmaster he doubled as Regius Professor, which suggests that he was not taking his Oxford duties too seriously: it was the best part of a day’s ride to get from one city to the other, and he would have been Figure 7 teaching in Winchester every day. If John Harmar; English School, 1622 so, he was not the only one: we are told that his Oxford successor but one ‘did not pursue the responsibilities of the post’ for a full ten years, in his case because he was working on the King James Bible. Figure 9 John Harmar’s Library, Winchester College Harmar certainly took Winchester seriously, and his library is still a thing of great beauty and impressiveness (Figures 8 – 9). This is what also allows us to glimpse what his teaching was like, as a volume survives of his ‘dictations’ (Figure 10). These would presumably be read out to the class as fair copies Figure 8 John Harmar’s Library, Winchester College Figure 10 John Harmar’s book of dictations, c. 1595 10 11