Winchester College Publication Winchester College Classic Talks - Page 12

LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 FIGURE 3 FIGURE 4 FIGURE 5 FIGURE 6 FIGURE 7 FIGURES 8–9 FIGURE 10 FIGURE 11 FIGURE 12 FIGURE 13 FIGURE 14 FIGURE 15 FIGURE 16 FIGURE 17 FIGURE 18 FIGURE 19 FIGURE 20 FIGURE 21 FIGURE 22 FIGURE 23 Henry VIII; attributed to John Taylor (c. 1585–1651), oil on canvas (LP 24). By permission of the Governing Body of Christ Church, Oxford. Coat of arms of the Regius Professor of Greek, Cambridge University. Cardinal Wolsey; by Sampson Strong (c. 1550–1611), panel (LP 11). By permission of the Governing Body of Christ Church, Oxford. Tom Quad, Christ Church. Benjamin Jowett (Men of the Day, No. 124); by Sir Leslie Ward, chromolithograph, published in Vanity Fair, 26 February 1876, NPG D43733 © National Portrait Gallery, London. Thomas Cranmer answers the charges put to him by John Harpsfield; woodcut, John Foxe, Actes and Monuments (1563). oxford-uk-at-trial-dr.html. John Harmar; English School, 1622. By permission of Winchester College. John Harmar’s Library, Winchester College. John Harmar’s book of dictations (c. 1595). Winchester College Fellows’ Library. John Harrys or Harris; English School, follower of Cornelius Johnson (c. 1593–1661), oil on canvas. By permission of Winchester College. Flyleaf of John Ailmer, Musae sacrae: seu Jonas, Jeremiae Threni, & Daniel Graeco redditi carmine (Oxford, 1652), inscribed by John Harmar Jnr. Winchester College Fellows’ Library. Thomas Gaisford; by Henry William Pickersgill, oil on canvas (LP 264). By permission of the Governing Body of Christ Church, Oxford. Benjamin Jowett; probably by The Autotype Company, after Désiré-François Laugée, after 1871, NPG D42703 © National Portrait Gallery, London. Benjamin Jowett relaxes from his labours. Ingram Bywater; by John Singer Sargent (1856–1925), oil on canvas, NO3012 © Tate, London. Gilbert Murray; George Charles Beresford vintage print, 1916, NPG x12907 © National Portrait Gallery, London. Gilbert Murray, aged 88; by Lawrence Toynbee, oil on canvas, 1950, NPG4037 © National Portrait Gallery, London. E. R. Dodds; by Walter Stoneman, negative, February 1945, NPG x20540 © National Portrait Gallery, London. Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones. By permission of Senior Common Room, Christ Church, Oxford. Peter Parsons. By permission of Peter Parsons. Christopher Pelling and an appalled Philip Stadter. Photograph by Fr. Frederick Brenk. Gregory Hutchinson. Photograph by Yvonne Hutchinson.