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19 A Winchester Walk
You will find the grave of this over-thirsty soldier 60 metres to the west of the West Front , beyond War Cross . It is a place of modernday pilgrimage as it was here that Bill Wilson , one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous , found inspiration when visiting the Cathedral as a young American officer on his way to the Western Front in 1918 . Bill would survive the war , later writing the AA ’ s Big Book , which has sold well over 25 million copies , its success making Thetcher famous , as the doggerel above begins the first chapter .
The Morley Library , Winchester Cathedral .
The Great Screen .
12 May 1764 ’. On the tombstone , the following advice is given :
Here sleeps in peace a Hampshire Grenadier , Who caught his death by drinking cold small Beer , Soldiers be wise from his untimely fall And when ye ’ re hot drink Strong or none at all