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13 A Winchester Walk
Cross Garnier Road , follow the footpath marked ‘ Clarendon Way ’, and continue on the path to the Hospital of St . Cross , a rich mix of medieval buildings . There is a café and shop here , and it makes a pleasant stop . The Hospital still serves its original function as a living community of elderly men , known as ‘ Brothers ’, who wear a distinctive dress of a black or red gown , and a trencher hat for daily church and formal occasions . Ambitious walkers who wish to follow the 192 km Pilgrims ’ Way to Canterbury start from here , and can still claim a pilgrim ’ s dole of beer and bread from the St . Cross porter . Once you have seen what you would like of St . Cross ( if open , you can spend between 30 and 60 minutes on a visit – there is much of interest , particularly the Church and Brethren ’ s Hall ), turn back towards the College following St . Cross Road , later Kingsgate Road .
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Turn right down Garnier Road , then right again at the T-junction , to return via Kingsgate Road to the College . For thirstier travellers there are two pubs , the first the Queen Inn , the second the Wykeham Arms , but , be warned : these are favourite haunts of Winchester dons , so it might be better to go to the Refectory , opposite the Cathedral . To your left , just after the Queen Inn , is Kingsgate House , known as Beloe ’ s , with its four-columned portico , one of the ten boarding Houses mentioned earlier . Then , if you still have your lanyard , on your right , opposite St . Michael ’ s Passage , enter the neo-Gothic South African Gate ( 1902 ) to the War Cloister ( 1922 – 24 ).
Built of the finest materials , Sir Herbert Baker ’ s War Cloister is a magnificent classical creation that recalls in its order and simplicity the early
Kingsgate House , Kingsgate Street .
Above and right . War Cloister .
Left . The Hospital of St Cross .