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11 A Winchester Walk to buy his way out of the flames of purgatory , or at least shorten his time there . By founding a school where prayers would be said in perpetuity for his soul , Wykeham believed his reward would be a reduced sentence in the afterlife , thus reducing the effect of his sins by the purchase of increased or total salvation . It is worth noting that part of Wykeham ’ s substantial income came from London lands given over to brothels and bearbaiting .
Returning to our route , follow the road to the right , College Walk . Over the garden wall , particularly in winter when leaves do not obscure the view , you can see a tangle of buildings from the Middle Ages onwards , first the Warden ’ s Lodgings , then Chambers and the towers of the Chapel . Turn right at the end , pass a late 1950s building , New Hall , of rather unsympathetic brick , much extended in 2014 , before turning left just before a black entrance gate to join a public footpath by a crystal-clear stream , the Logie . The stream moves quickly , eager to join the river Itchen to your left . After 60 metres , look right , first at the Cameron Bespolka outdoor classroom ( opened in 2019 in memory of a pupil who loved nature and the outdoors ); beyond is the boundary wall of Meads , now a cricket pitch , where the Fellows once kept cattle .
Then there is the neo-Baroque red and white block of the Science School ( 1903 – 04 ), and to its right what resembles a Scottish castle in Victorian brick ( the College ’ s former sanatorium , built in the 1880s , enormous with two operating theatres and a separate Fever Wing , converted
in the 1980s into the Art School ). To your left , flanking the Itchen , is one of the school ’ s two nature reserves , alive with insects in summer , and rich in various grasses and wildlife . Those who are very fortunate will here see the blue flash of a kingfisher , or hear the splashes of water voles and , on occasion , otters .
College Street , looking towards Chapel and the Warden ’ s Lodgings .
Science School , view from the Itchen .