WIN Annual Reports April 2019 Midyear Report | Page 21

2 0 1 9 M I D YE AR RE P O RT 20 HOW WE ARE FUNDED WIN is funded by annual dues from member institutions, donations from friends, and grants from foundations and banks. Dues and donations are the most important part of the funding because they are more consistent and dependable year-to-year, and they demonstrate the people’s ownership over our work. WIN does not accept government funds for its core organizing budget so that it can remain autonomous and politically independent. HOW ARE OUR FUNDS USED? The majority of WIN’s budget supports paying the salaries and benefits of WIN’s full- time, professional organizers. The organizers lead grassroots organizing activities and campaigns. The budget also covers expenses associated with running issue campaigns and holding related, large-scale actions and trainings. The remainder of the budget goes for office expenses and necessary accounting/bookkeeping expenses. OVERVIEW OF WIN’S 201 8 FINANCIAL RESULTS* OPERATING EXPENSES OPERATING INCOME Personnel $356,779 Hard Money Travel & Field Expenses $8,915 Dues $91,900 Training $17,509 Friends of WIN $35,504 Office & Supplies $18,232 Soft Money Communications & Tech $7,431 Foundation Grants $329,500 Action Costs $9,343 Corporate Grants $29,500 IAF & Metro IAF Contract $47,500 Interest Income $655 Bookkeeping, Audit, etc. $30,901 Reserves Subgrant for Regional Transit Work $43,000 Friends of WIN Fundraising $23,664 Distribution from Investment $40,000 Total Operating Expenses $539,610 Total Operating Income $550,723 Total Net Income $11,113 *Most recent audited financials will be made available to WIN member organizations and foundations upon request.