Williamson President's Report 2021 Edition - Page 7



During his 50th reunion year , Jeff Baker 7W0 began to think of how he could give back to Williamson in the most meaningful way . It ’ s been a longstanding tradition that alumni celebrate this milestone by contributing towards a class gift . Inspired by the fundraising in honor of his reunion , Jeff was also interested in how he could leave a lasting legacy at his alma mater . “ Joining the Wanamaker Society was a fairly easy task in terms of the time and effort needed to make the commitment , but I know its impact will one day give back a part of the debt I feel that I owe to Williamson for everything that it has provided me . Plain and simple , without Williamson I would not have had the career and success that I have enjoyed . Furthermore , my gift will ensure that my relationship with Williamson will come full circle ; a young man who learned how to build the foundation of his family home will be able to strengthen the foundation of the best trade school in the country .”


Jim Nevels and his wife Lourene have long supported Williamson and its mission through their philanthropic leadership . Their commitment to the college through a planned gift has been a way to pay special tribute to their parents and their legacy as tradespeople . Lourene ’ s parents , Harold and Idamae Dellinger , worked as a carpenter and community volunteer . Jim ’ s parents , William and Eloise Nevels , worked as a welder and nurse ’ s aid . Had it not been for their trades , their parents would not have otherwise been able to support their families . The Nevels see many similarities in what their parents gained through a life in the trades and what a Williamson education provides its students . “ Lourene and I understand the Wanamaker Society ’ s higher purpose . It ’ s the gift that keeps on giving ,” Jim said . “ It will help future young men that we may never know by allowing them to learn trades as our parents did so that they may be in a position to support a family and become pillars of society through their works , deeds , and service to their communities .”