Williamson President's Report 2022 Edition | Page 7


Members commit to the long-term future of Williamson College of the Trades through wills and other planned gifts .

Did You Know ?

There are creative ways to support Williamson College of the Trades-ways that you , your loved ones , and the college all benefit at the same time . Such giving options are called planned gifts , because with thoughtful planning you create win-win solutions for you and Williamson .
For additional information on how to qualify as a member of the Wanamaker Society , please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at advancement @ williamson . edu or 610-566-1776
John Wanamaker Isaiah Williamson ’ s friend and author of The Life of Isaiah V . Williamson
Wanamaker Top Five
Special recognition to the following classes , who have led the charge for planned giving at Williamson with the most alumni Wanamaker Society members :
4W0 ( 13 ) • 4W3 ( 11 ) • 3W9 ( 9 ) • 4W7 ( 8 ) • 6W0 ( 7 )



Alan Rosenberg 8W8 is clear when asked what ’ s most important to him : “ Providing for my family and making sure they are taken care of in the short term and in the long run .” Alan shares that same passion and commitment to Williamson as a member of the Wanamaker Society .
An 8W8 masonry graduate , Alan has a very familiar story about his experience at Williamson . “ The discipline and focus that Williamson provided came at a time when I really needed it . It changed my life ,” says Alan . Although he didn ’ t get accepted the first time he applied to Williamson , he tried again the following year and was accepted . He says anyone who is familiar with the school knows first-hand the value of the education and the life-changing experience it provides . Alan made lifelong friends at Williamson and still stays in touch with his classmates today . “ We would do anything for each other .”
Alan said he made the decision to join the Wanamaker Society many years ago . “ Williamson has and continues to be a big part of my life and it ’ s only natural to want to support the school . It is not about the recognition ; it ’ s just making sure that you take care of the things that matter most in your life .” When asked what would you say to others who are considering joining the Wanamaker Society , Alan answered simply , “ It ’ s like the Nike commercial — JUST DO IT !'"