Williamson President's Report 2021 Edition - Page 28

In memory of Robert M . Quay Joseph R . Challenger 5W8
In honor of Daniel Raynor 1W4 Barbara J . Raynor
In memory of Robert E . Rhodes 6W3 Anonymous Erwin D . Bassler Joy Drake Shirley Evans
In memory of Gerald G . Richards 4W2 Marie H . Wick-Watson
In memory of Francis C . Riley 6W0 Edward P . Hatchigian , Jr . 6W0 Barbara J . Riley
In memory of Harry W . Roberts 5W4 Robert A . Cramer 5W4
In honor of President Michael J . Rounds , P . E . Michael J . and Julie A . Farley Foundation
In memory of Michael D . Savage , Jr . 1W2 Preston Walker 1W2
In memory of Richard L . Stanley Mr . and Mrs . Steven T . Wagner 7W8
In memory og Glenn E . Stevick 4W0 Mr . and Mrs . Mark Quiniff
In Honor of Richard F . Storm 6W2 Dr . and Mrs . Robert H . Gaith
In honor of Lauren and Jonathan Stuart Sandra M . Stickel
In memory of Robert M . Suplee Martha F . Suplee
In honor of Colin L . Suter 2W1 Gayle Shinn
In memory of Samuel W . Swayne 5W0 Anonymous Irene F . Bubel Doug Dickerson Bershire Hathaway Carol L . Keiler Dwayne Leib Laura McCardle Rev . Lee E . McCardle
Ray McKay Novozymes Family Linda Sweet Noor Tasnim Mr . and Mrs . Edward B . Walton
In honor of Mary Jane Taylor and Jack Coleman Mr . and Mrs . John B . Coleman
In memory of Maude N . Taylor David W . Taylor
In memory of Harold E . Texter Linda Texter Hall
In memory of Russell K . Thayer 7W1 Scarlett Thayer
In honor of Carl A . Vairo Mr . and Mrs . John B . Beaudry
In honor of W . B . Homes , Inc . Professional Mortgage Advisors
In memory of Robert L . Wagner 4W7 Ann L . Wagner
In memory of James R . Warfield 5W0 Linda W . Muhr
In memory of Wayne C . Watson 4W8 Celia E . Heckler-Humeston Mr . and Mrs . Raymond Kresge Lorrie Lamont-Haskell
In memory of Richard A . Weaver 4W9 Mr . and Mrs . Allen R . Weaver
In memory of Donald W . Zipse 5W3 Albert A . Alutius 5W3 Mr . and Mrs . Richard G . Clemens Concept Electric , Inc . Carolyn Griffith Jack and Judy Harper Mr . and Mrs . Joseph J . Huggins Dorothy J . Maffei Mr . and Mrs . Steve Mandell Doris J . Weaver
In memory of 1970 Classmates who have passed away Anonymous
In memory of James H . Scherer 5W9 Frank B . Cross 6W1
In honor of Brett M . Scott 1W5 Ruth D . Winbourn
In memory of Francis J . Sellitto Carla Coulson Fujirebio Diagnostics Inc . Diane Lesage Mr . and Mrs . Edward A . Mahon Barbara Mulholland Mr . and Mrs . George Pierlingi Mr . and Mrs . James P . Travers
In memory of David F . Sergeant 4W8 Mr . and Mrs . Angelo V . Baroni Mr . and Mrs . Glenn Davis Victoria Elliott Elizabeth Starr Virginia Taylor
In memory of John W . Shuey 4W3 Bradley Shuey
In memory of Robert L . Stahl 5W6 Joan E . Berry Cynthia L . Stahl Elizabeth Stahl
In memory of Kenneth H . Staiger , Jr . 5W8 John Mauger Yvonne H . Staiger
In memory of John H . Stallard 4W2 The Stallard Living Trust Marie H . Wick-Watson
_____________________________________________________________________ Groundbreaking Held for the Judith A . and William B . Strine Dormitory
With a groundbreaking ceremony in June , construction got underway for Williamson ’ s newest dormitory , the Judith A . and William B . Strine Dormitory . The dormitory , which will hold 24 students , was named in recognition of Judith and William Strine ’ s donation of $ 2.3 million for its construction .
William Strine is a long-term Williamson trustee and CEO of Media Real Estate , a successful real estate company in Media , Pa ., founded by his father , Walter Strine 2W9 , over 65 years ago . He and his wife made the gift because they saw the importance of increasing student enrollment and , acknowledging that their family is the direct beneficiary of a Williamson graduate , wanted to do their part in giving back to the school that has benefited them .
26 KEY : † = deceased * = 10 consecutive years giving bold = Wanamaker Society Member ∞ = Legacy Society Member