Williamson President's Report 2022 Edition | Page 28

In memory of Regina Makem Catherine M . Stock
In memory of Carmen Martella , Jr . Mitchel J . Carl 1W5 The Martella Family
In honor of David McCann 2W2 Mr . and Mrs . Richard G . Clemens
In honor of Michael A . McClellan 0W7 Brian Moran
In memory of Harry A . McHenry 6W2 Robert D . Overholtzer 6W2
In memory of Laverne A . Miller 4W6 Margaret and Joseph Michael
In memory of Roland L . Miller 5W3 Albert A . Alutius 5W3
In memory of Stanley B . Miller 5W8 Maryann Miller
In memory of George A . Morley 3W5 Kenneth A . Morley
In memory of William A . Morley 19W29 Kenneth A . Morley
In memory of Gertrude Irene Morse David J . Churchman 7W2
In memory of Daniel Murtagh 1W6 Mr . and Mrs . Paul Murtagh
In memory of Ken Nelson Brian C . Hassel , Sr . 7W6
In memory of Michael C . Nicotra Kathleen Nicotra
In memory of Frederick Nonneman Christopher Jochum
In honor of Kevin P . O ' Hara Ken and Diane O ' Hara
In honor of Justin O ' Neill 9W4 William Erb
In memory of Harry Park , Sr . Frank B . Cross 6W1
In memory of Allen A . Pennewell 5W3 Albert A . Alutius 5W3 Joyce Pennewill
In honor of Michael T . Piotrowicz David J . Schrenk 5W4
In honor of Kenneth G . Poletti 8W1 Cindy Rippel
In honor of Joseph C . Portz 1W5 Mary L . Portz
In honor of Dr . Paul A . Reid Philip D . Winand
In memory of Lloyd W . Rennix 5W1 Kim and Dan Anderson Janet Fanelli Mr . and Mrs . R . Geoffrey Geesey
In memory of Robert E . Rhodes 6W3 Martinsburg Brethen in Christ Church Mr . and Mrs . Richard R . Troilo
In honor of Michael J . Rounds , P . E . Michael J . and Julie A . Farley Foundation
In memory of James H . Scherer , Jr . Frank B . Cross 6W1
In memory of Louis J . Schisler 7W9 Friends of Lou Schisler 7W9
In honor of Marcello R . Shayeghi 2W2 Rosanna Shayeghi
In memory of John W . Shuey 4W3 Bradley Shuey Christine M . Upperman
In memory of Robert L . Stahl 5W6 Elizabeth M . Stahl
In memory of Richard L . Stanley 7W7 Mr . and Mrs . Steven T . Wagner 7W8
In memory of Robert M . and Martha Suplee Robert M . and Martha Suplee Foundation
In memory of William T . and Veronica R . Swinehart Vincent C . Palilla 7W5
In memory of Charles Riggs 19W17 Charles Riggs 1W7
In honor of Mary Jane Taylor and Jack Coleman Mr . and Mrs . John B . Coleman
In memory of Francis C . Riley 6W0 Edward P . Hatchigian , Jr . 6W0
In memory of Maude N . Taylor David W . Taylor
3 Hort Students Take 1st Place At The NCLC Competitions
Three horticulture , landscaping , and turf management students took first-place in competitions at the 3-day annual National Collegiate Landscape Competition ( NCLC ) at North Carolina State University in Raleigh , N . C . David McCann 2W2 and Tim Marino 2W2 took first-place in Arboriculture Techniques and Chris Gray 2W3 took first-place in Compact Excavator Operation . It was the first time Williamson horticulture students attended the event which brings together top landscape and horticulture students from across the country , top industry companies , and dozens of the biggest industry manufacturers and suppliers . NCLC gave the students the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned at Williamson as they competed in a variety of events .
In memory of Carolyn H . Rinker Mr . and Mrs . Edward Oakes
In honor of Justin E . Ritter 2W2 Jaclyn S . Ritter
In memory of William L . Robinson 5W2 Susan Gordon
In honor of Dan Roche Kim Roche
In memory of John W . Rohrer 5W2 James Garraway Dolores Haines Kathleen Pesce LaRae Shandry Dr . and Mrs . Melvin Yeich Mr . and Mrs . Brian Yeich Mr . and Mrs . Phillip Yeich
In memory of and in honor of the Kalista Boys Mr . and Mrs . John Kalista
In honor of Jeffrey C . Thomas 0W3 Mr . and Mrs . Robert J . Thomas
In memory of Robert L . Wagner 4W7 Ann L . Wagner
In memory of James R . Warfield 5W0 Linda W . Murr
In memory of Wayne C . Watson 4W8 Lorrie Lamont-Haskell Celia E . Heckler-Humeston Mr . and Mrs . Raymond Kresge
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