Williamson President's Report 2021 Edition - Page 27

In memory of Charles B . Funk 4W5 Mr . and Mrs . Donald Miller
In memory of Frederick H . Gerkensmeyer 4W3 Celia E . Heckler-Humeston
In memory of Donald J . Getz Edward P . Hatchigian , Jr . 6W0
In honor of Thomas J . Goeke 8W0 Kathryn Eshelman Michael Goeke
In memory of George E . Graefe 5W2 Mary C . Graefe
In memory of Michael Greco 1W2 Julianne L . Bannon Mr . and Mrs . Bud Freas Mr . and Mrs . Glen A . Gale 8W2 Mr . and Mrs . Robert Lindsey Mr . and Mrs . Walter J . Liszewski Joann Marino William J . Stum
In honor of James J . Haggerty 6W1 Timothy H . Folkomer
In memory of Tatiana Hall John J . Hall 8W4
In memory of George N . Harper 5W9 Frank B . Cross 6W1 Jack and Judy Harper

“ I believe what makes Williamson such a special place is how it can effect real change in a person ’ s life . Williamson takes young men from a less than ideal situation and forever changes the direction of their lives by providing them an opportunity to earn an education and trade skills that are theirs for life . Furthermore , with those tools , they will be afforded opportunities for career security and be empowered to be leaders and role models for those around them . If we are going to truly change the lives of those who have fewer opportunities in our society , it is Williamson College of the Trades that is going to do it and that is why I am honored to be a trustee and to support the programs at Williamson .

James J . Obermeier Williamson Trustee and President / CEO , CYMA Builders and Construction Managers
In memory of Russell W . Harvey 5W0 Edward P . Hatchigian , Jr . 6W0
In memory of George F . Heckler 4W2 Celia E . Heckler-Humeston
In memory of H . Fred Heckler , Jr . 19W17 Celia E . Heckler-Humeston
In memory of John G . Heibeck 5W1 Elizabeth Aikens Mr . and Mrs . David Nast
In memory of Timothy Kalista 0W0 Mr . and Mrs . John Kalista
In memory of Thomas Kramer 3W8 Edward P . Hatchigian , Jr . 6W0
In memory of John E . Kriebel 6W3 Seth J . Kriebel
Jean Bender Michael L . Lauver 9W6
In memory of Carmen Martella , Jr . The Martella family
In memory of Ernest W . Marvel 6W2 Luann Marvel Jahnke
Clifton S . Stevens 8W3 Beth A . Stevens
In honor of Justin O ’ Neal 9W4 William Erb
In memory of Harry Park , Sr . Frank B . Cross 6W1
In memory of Gene C . Hindman 5W0 Skip , Paula and Mark Hindman
In memory of Wilson J . Hixson Mr . and Mrs . John S . Hixson
In memory of William D . Hough 5W3 Susan Howard
In memory of Charles Huntoon Mr . and Mrs . Charles W . Huntoon
In memory of John C . Huntzinger 4W5 Hugh A . Huntzinger
In memory of Norman A . Jacobs 4W3 Jeffrey Jacobs
In memory of Eben H . Jones 3W5 Joan E . Berry
In memory of Frederick W . Le Fevre 4W8 Barbara Pusey
In memory of Letitia Leathern Donna Duncan Julie Marenic and Hugh Harper David Mancuso , Lucinda , Francine and Robert Mr . and Mrs . Wayne Mattson Joan Powell Cindy Rex Barbara Swope Jane Watson Eleanor Vegso Williamson Auxiliary
In memory of Timothy W . Maidenford 8W8 Aunt Linda , Denise , Nolan , Rachel and Claire
In honor of Michael A . McClellan 0W7 Edward J . Finn
In memory of Edwin C . Miles 6W4 Judy Miles
In memory of Stanley B . Miller 5W8 Maryann Miller
In honor of Andrew D . Moore 9W3 Mr . and Mrs . William F . Moore
In honor of Christopher W . Moran 9W9 Christina Basciano
In memory of William A . Morley Roger Morley
In memory of William J . Muir 8W3 Sharon E . Collins
In memory of Michael Pilone , Sr . Mr . and Mrs . Thomas P Boyle Mr . and Mrs . Jospeh Chadwick Mr . and Mrs . Gene Hitchcock
In memory of Andrew J . Pitonyak 5W8 Mr . and Mrs . Dominick Carlino Mr . and Mrs . James R . Krumenaker Lorraine and Ed Osisek Kathleen and Chet Pietluck Louis and Nancy Pitonyak 6W1 Mr . and Mrs George J . Pitonyak Vincent M . Pitonyak 6W7 Bunny and Larry Scioli Robert J . and Theresa A ( Pitonyak ) Shedlock
In honor of Kenneth G . Poletti 8W1 Cindy Rippel
Lists reflect donations made between July 1 , 2020 and June 30 , 2021 25