Williamson President's Report 2021 Edition - Page 19

“ As a family , we began supporting Williamson thirty years ago when we recognized that the school was unique in its

quality teaching of the trades that are so vitally needed in our economy . Our mother , ‘ Dodo ’ Hamilton , was a passionate gardener who first became involved in Williamson during the early 1990s to develop the horticulture program at the school . In addition , our board likes Williamson ’ s commitment to the ‘ whole student ’ whereby the young men develop cutting-edge trade skills along with strong moral character development and leadership abilities . We have watched with interest as more and more employers in the area have learned about the school and want to hire ‘ Williamson Men ’ at graduation . Almost all Williamson graduates have numerous competitive job offers to choose from during their last semester of school . Employers know that they are hiring skilled young men who possess the discipline , high moral standards , and strong work ethic that make them valuable employees right out of the gate .
When my wife , Anne , and I remodeled our home , we happily hired Williamson-owned companies to oversee and complete the large project . We were so pleased with the outcome , and they were terrific people to work with . The men were well-trained in their individual trades and brought pride and honesty to the workplace every day . They were honored to be graduates of the school and proudly displayed their Williamson license plates on the fronts of
their trucks . Builders and clients would certainly be wellserved to have more schools like Williamson !
Most recently , our board decided to help fund the new electrical program at Williamson , the first new major since our mother began the horticulture focus in 1993 . We appreciate that Williamson ' changes with the times ,' anticipating the upcoming trades needs in the Delaware Valley . Staying relevant is especially important in the fast-changing economy of the 21st century . Thriving job growth is predicted for electricians in the next decade and Williamson will help supply that need . We wanted to ensure that the school had a bright , updated learning space with cutting-edge equipment and tools for students to be excited about embarking on a new career in the electrical trades .

Finally , our board recognizes that no successful school can remain stagnant . To produce the best-educated students , the school must continue to grow its student body and reach into diverse communities for students who reflect our changing population . We believe that supplying new scholarships is the way to attract more students to the new major and to Williamson College . We are committed to see even more young men become Williamson graduates and launch successful and profitable careers built on hard work , a superior education , and strong business and moral principles .

S . Matthews V . Hamilton , Jr . Chairman , Hamilton Family Charitable Trust , Chairman , Hamilton Family Foundation
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