Williamson News Documents

          June  28,  2015             ABMA  Summer  Meeting,  Westin  Resort,  Hilton  Head  Island,  SC   American  Boiler  Manufacturers  Association     Planning  to  Build  the  Workforce  of  the  Future   By  Dick  Storm     Founder/Senior  Consultant  Storm  Technologies,  Inc.   Member  of  the  Board  of  Trustees,   Williamson  College  of  the  Trades   Good  Morning,   It  is  a  great  honor  to  be  with  you  this  morning.  Thank  you  for  the  opportunity.   I   am   here   by   your   invitation   extended   to   the   Williamson   Free   School   of   Mechanical   Trades   in   Media,   PA.   Our   President,   Mike   Rounds   had   a   date   conflict,   so   he   asked   if   I   would   represent   Williamson.  I  enthusiastically  accepted.  Mike  thought  that  I  would  be  a  good  choice  because  like   many   of   you   folks,   I   have   been   part   of   a   company   that   has   had   our   challenges   in   attracting,   hiring,  developing  and  keeping  technically  trained  employees  that  are  very  good  professionals   and  interested  in  our  Industry.      I  am  here  today  to  share  with  you  my  perspectives  from  two   viewpoints:     • The  unique  Williamson  College  of  the  Trades  approach  to  Trade  education.  As  of  July  1st   the  name  will  be  changed  after  127  years  to  the  Williamson  College  of  the  Trades.   • As   a   Founder   of   a   small   company   that   has   hired   many   young   technically   trained   engineers  and  technicians,  I  will  share  my  experiences  and  lessons  learned.  I  have  also   worked   for   several   large   companies   and   was   actively   involved   in   hiring,   training,   mentoring  of  young  engineers  in  those  companies  as  well.     When  I  first  learned  of  this  session,  Terry  Huddle  suggested  that  the  title  be,    “Planning  for  the   Future”.  Now,  planning  for  the  future  is  a  very  open  ended  topic.  When  we  look  into  the  future  a   couple  quotes  come  to  mind:   • Consider  the  past  and  you  shall  know  the  future.    Chinese  Proverb   • Everything  you  need  for  a  better  future  and  success  has  already  been  written.  And  guess   what?  All  you  have  to  do  is  go  to  the  Library.    Henri  Frederic  Amiel       Taking  the  advice  of  the  Chinese  proverb,  of  looking  to  the  past  to  see  the  future,  I  would  like  to   take   a   quick   trip   through   the   last   135   years   in   boilers,   steam   power   and   electric   power   generation.           1