WildHearts Sales Brochure Group Brochure 2018 - Page 6

RECRUIT & DEVELOP YOUR TALENT 97% OF BARCLAYS MICRO-TYCOS SAID THAT THEY IMPROVED THEIR COMMERCIAL, INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS* *Barclays Global HR, 2016 WildHearts Talent WildHearts Talent is a recruitment and staff development solution designed to inspire entrepreneurial behaviours – a prerequisite for success in today’s corporate world. Our multi-award winning development programme, Micro-Tyco, can be implemented as part of an existing training strategy or used as a bespoke HR or CSR activity. Our recruitment programmes utilise our school and university networks UK-wide, enabling companies to access a unique pool of talent which can fulfil socio-economic, geographic and academic criteria. Babson Accredited Contact The ‘Micro-Tyco Method’ and its combination of inspiration, knowledge and networks is so effective WildHearts was awarded the ‘Social Innovator Award’ from Babson College, Boston, the world’s top school for entrepreneurship. Phone: 0141 611 9777 Email: info@micro-tyco.com Website: www.wildheartsgroup.com WildHearts enables us to live by our company values whilst also developing our internal talent and creating global, social impact. “ Mark Coleman Global Lead HR Business Partner, Barclays