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Our wild horses in Nevada are under attack from the Nevada Association of Counties, the Farm Bureau Federation and The Grass March More Information: A “Must Read” List to Understand the Range War in Nevada 1. Who Is the “Grass March” A whose who of the people behind the March to control YOUR public land. http://wildhorseeducation.org/ 2014/09/28/who-is-the-grass-march/ 2. PEER Letter in Support of BLM Battle Mountain District Manager Doug Furtado Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility have written a letter in support of BLM Battle Mountain actions and against the Grass March. http://www.peer.org/assets/docs/ blm/9_25_14_Furtado_support_ltr.pdf SHOWDOWN Nevada There is literally a showdown brewing over public land management in the state of Nevada. Wild horses have become an unfortunate target of private livestock interests as they deal with the drought and the potential listing of the sage grouse as an endangered species. This is all happening as beef prices are at an all time high according to Beef USA (an industry publication). The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is tasked with managing YOUR public land for the benefit of “multiple use” and is not supposed to cater to the wishes of one interest. In most districts we have seen minimal effort to curtail the destructive use of public land by domestic livestock during a severe drought that magnifies the damage done by domestic livestock. However there has been one exception. In the BLM Battle Mountain district we have seen drought restrictions go into effect to protect the range since 2012. Wild horse advocates should become familiar with the Diamond Complex. The restrictions that took place in 2012 began the retaliatory legal action by the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) to remove and destroy wild horses. We have “Intervenor status” to speak out for our wild horses in that case but there is so much more! Setting the Stage Have you ever walked into a movie that is more than half way through and got drawn in by the characters but really don’t know what is happening? You kinda know who you are rooting for but don’t know all the context. Right now we are getting questions in our inbox from seasoned wild horse advocates on the Nevada situation, so don’t think you are alone. The audience for our website is varied. So to “keep it simple,” we are going to stick with the movie analogy. At WHE it is our goal to try to keep you informed so that at crucial junctures you can inform others and take appropriate actions. Sometimes what we write becomes a literal novel when you piece it together and people do not have time in their lives to read all the previous chapters. Most writers are familiar with terms like “story arc” or “character arc.” In the case of the “Nevada Showdown