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imagine Wild horses collide and one flips over a barbed wire fence during capture at the Owyhee Complex BLM roundup that faced court actions A WILD HORSE AND BURRO HUMANE HANDLING POLICY! Wild Horses and Burros and the Fight for Humane Care This article appeared on TheDodo through barbed wire fencing and foals run until their feet literally fall off. Freedom. Majesty. Beauty. Americaʼs wild horses are a national treasure and an iconic symbol of our public lands. Theyʼre so dearly cherished that Congress unanimously voted to protect them under Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. The images and videos may very well have been taken by Laura Leigh, President and founder of Wild Horse Education (WHE). Leigh has taken us with her on a quest to witness and document wild horse roundups. Wild horses and burros belong to the American public and it comes as no surprise that thereʼs a growing intolerance to these noble animals being mistreated and killed in aggressive roundups conducted by the very agency that is supposed to protect them—the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).. Most Americans have seen videos of horses run down with a helicopters, chased The First Court Order in history against inhumane treatment of wild horses 2011 The battle to gain a humane care standard for our wild horses and burros became a literal “mission” for Leigh and her organization. It is expected that the BLM will be announcing its latest “Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program (CAWP)” sometime in October. “I have literally seen tens of thousands of wild horses lose everything in that moment of capture,” said Leigh “Often under horrible circumstance. It seems a bit absurd that this