Wild Horse Education (Fall 2014) (Fall 2014) - Page 12

On the Horizon... October 6 : The final sweep to remove the last of the Sheldon Mustangs and Burros begin. USFWS will “zero” out the herds. October 7: BLM Planning 2.0 meeting in Sacramento. Internet listening options and participation. 1pm at blm.gov/live October 14: Deadline for nominations to BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board October 15: The “Grass March is expected to reach DC with their petition to remove anything and anyone that stands in the way of livestock grazing, including YOUR wild horses Make a Stand TODAY! A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Meade Believe the Impossible.. Just a few short years ago the reality of a humane handling POLICY was just a dream. That dream will be realized in just a few days. A real tool to begin to handle wild horses and burros with the respect and care they deserve. YES there will be work to do in making sure there is accountability and improvement, yet just yesterday people felt it was an impossibility. Believe. October 19: The BLM begins removal of 75 horses at Triple B. When complete they move to Silver King to capture 50 and then to Reveille to remove 60. November 8: trapsite adoption event scheduled in Tonopah NV for weanlings and yearlings WHE Our work continues as we strive to gain accountability on the range. The climate is tense as drought and the threat of the sage grouse intensify the competition with livestock. New mining regulations have created a “push” to extract minerals and fuels on our public land at a rate never before seen in history. Our Purpose... educating the public about the plight of wild horses and burros on public land, and in the government warehousing system for these animals including sale and final disposition, working to end the inhumane treatment of these heritage animals,encouraging the creation of a sane, scientifically-based management strategy for these animals in the wild, Help us to help them Our efforts take resources in time and money. Fuel, repairs, litigation, hay for the rescues, printing and preparation all eat up the resources that we have. Please consider making a contribution to Wild Horse Education, a registered 501(c)3 public charity, tax deductible according to IRS rules. promoting public adoptions and support those who adopt, and assisting the public to advocate for the welfare of wild horses and burros. WILD HORSE EDUCATION 213 LEMMON VALLEY DR #316 RENO, NV 89505 WEBSITE: WILDHORSEEDUCATION.ORG