Wild Horse Education (Fall 2014) (Fall 2014) - Page 11

Fast Burro Facts Did you know that the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) warned BLM that burros in the wild may already be in danger of genetic loss? The correct term for a female burro is a “Jenny” and a male is a “Jack.” A baby burro is called a foal. An adult can weigh up to 600 lbs and be as tall as 54 inches at the withers. Burros in captivity in the US can live upwards of 35 years, although in the wild an adult over 25 is rare. Extremely hardy burros can exist on little food or water for extended periods of time. The BLM currently estimates that the entire population of wild burros left in the US is less than 9,000. This number is a huge increase from previous surveys where it is asserted that they “under counted.” AML, RMP, AUM... are you confused by the “EIEIO” of Public Land Management? Many people get confused by all the acronyms and terms used when reading press releases by government agencies or in discussions on wild horse and burro management. We created a glossary of terms (that is still incomplete) that you can download for easy reference. http:// wildhorseeducation101.files .wordpress.com/2011/04/ wheglossary2.pdf A companion piece deals with the multiple jurisdictions of the federal government that manage wild horses under the Departments of Interior and the Department of Agriculture. http:// wildhorseeducation101.files .wordpress.com/2011/04/ wheagencyissue1.pdf To stay on the “Front Line” to protect wild horses and burros visit our website at WildHorseEducation.org