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Risk as a Service - The Next Thing in affordable Corporate Risk Management? swing deals and/or virtual power plants, Adaptiv offers the ability to pull in in-house model results, have the user decompose the complex deals into simpler structures, or through the use’ deals which represent the deals as a set of sensitivities. Each approach has its pros and cons and it is totally up to the customer which way to go. However, the customer can benefit by serving multiple locations and E/CTRMs with one robust and scalable risk engine for all deal types, high- A ComTechAdvisory Whitepaper performance and scalability. Adaptive also has in depth credit risk functionality and credit analytics meaning that it can be the single engine for market/price and credit risk while also offering valuation, simulation and stress testing capabilities in a single, centralized enterprise-wide service or application. RISK AS A SERVICE Risk as a Service is more standardized industry offering and could indeed be the ideal solution for a large number of companies. By delivering it both as an individual cloud installation with managed services or as a standardized Risk as a Service, FIS helps reduce infrastructure and IT costs while providing a high-end solution. The FIS Risk as a Service approach includes data management, cleansing and QA. It also provides exception management, quantitative analysis support for issues like result validation, drill-down and investigation, as well as model calibration. In terms of the range of risk functions that it can cover what if analysis, risk attribution, risk analytics VaR, PFE, exposures, Greeks, Sensitivities etc.) and risk monitoring. Figure 1 Risk as a Service © Commodity Technology Advisory LLC, 2020, All Rights Reserved. 6