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ABOUT ENUIT LLC Enuit was founded in 2008 with a single goal in mind: To bring to market affordable, functional trade management software. Entrade is all of this and more. And, it really works. It can help your company track its transactions through the entire deal life cy- cle: From done deal through sent bill. tion of costs, value at risk, ancillary costs, the qual- ity of product, and then tie that data to respective counterparties, contracts and portfolios with an advanced analytical engine which allows you to de- compose a trades exposure and risk by its individual pricing components. ENTRADE® provides value to traders and the front office. It’s deal blotters can be used to test profit- ability on potential deals. It has a workspace, called sandboxes, which produce Flash PNL reports to de- termine the effect of new deals to an overall portfo- lio. It gives users a tool to check end-of-day profits. And, it prints deal recaps and confirmation letters. And for back-office capabilities includes invoice management and remittance statements for fees and treasury management, generates invoices and remittance statements for trades; including all asso- ciated fees and costs. It stores general ledger codes and can send journal entries directly to your General Ledger system and includes a tax module capable of calculating taxes of various forms and varieties. Our Front Office capabilities give each trader a sandbox to value and analyze their trading exposure to market movements. Traders can mark positions to market and calculate value at risk at any time with- out affecting anyone else or company operations. ENTRADE® has interfaces with ICE, DME, and CME; and, it can receive updates to settlement and forward curves through price aggregators, such as GlobalView and Bloomberg. Our Middle office capabilities makes it possible to track everything from inventory volumes, aggrega- For more information, visit www.enuit.com