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INTRODUCTION European power markets remain in flux driven by many factors ranging from the EU’s objective to move to a single market and new regulations to progressively support that initiative, the rapid march of renewable generation and intraday trading, changes in infrastructure and indeed, in the needs of the consumer impacting demand. Essentially, we are observing the transition from national or subnational markets through to regional markets with significant cross border trade activity across all tenors. Of course, these changes have an impact on Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solution requirements and have already helped to create a new subcategory of ETRM for intraday trading. However, perhaps an overlooked impact is on the need for communication with the various European entities around scheduling, bidding, capacity, moving and managing power around the continent. Power logistics solutions have emerged over time somewhat separately from ETRM solutions in Europe. While some ETRM’s do offer logistics for specific local markets, increasingly a true pan-European logistics solution is needed but this has proven to be quite complex to achieve due to the large number of markets, entities, communication standards and formats that exist across Europe. Only a few such solutions are offered on the market and this paper will look specifically at the solution offered by Brady PLC. © Commodity Technology Advisory LLC, 2019, All Rights Reserved.