White Paper: From Print to Digital Publishing - Page 20


The sheer number of online devices, platforms, and channels in use today is a testament to the industry’s expeditious digitization. Publishers who refuse to embrace the online revolution, or take too long to do so, risk losing business and hard-earned subscribers. Print is no longer enough.

With the right digital publishing platform in place, however, meeting the challenges of disruptive change is easy. Joomag is the all-in-one platform helping more than 700,000 publishers do exactly that.

Joomag bridges the gap between print and digital publishing and offers the best of both worlds on one convenient platform. It’s easy-to-use software enables users to create, distribute, track, and monetize their digital publications -- including magazines, eBooks, newspapers, and brochures -- from a centralized hub. Switching to digital has never been easier, and every feature mentioned in this paper is already available on Joomag’s comprehensive platform.

Tap into new markets. Engage readers on an entirely new level. Share content in ways print never could. Let the freedom and flexibility afforded by e-publishing platforms like Joomag help.

For more information, or to start your free trial today, visit Joomag’s official website.