White Paper: From Print to Digital Publishing - Page 13


supply direct access to reader feedback and are one of the more popular interactive elements. Through them, publishers can engage with readers directly from their content-- a major advantage over print. Some plugins function as two-way communication tools, allowing audiences to share their thoughts in real-time. Others make it easier for readers to subscribe to a publication, or rate its overall quality.

Brand engagement:

is the emotional connection readers have with a publisher’s brand. It leverages interactive media to preserve a brand’s identity and make it stick. With online branding tools, publishers have the opportunity to grow their brands and ensure it’s consistent with every piece of content they create. Consistent brand messaging results in more loyal customers, too. (source)

Some common branding tools available on digital publishing platforms today include:

Custom font uploading

Placing logos in online magazine viewers.

Branding magazine viewers

Linking a custom domain to a digital publication