White Paper: Digital Solutions for Employee Training - Page 10

Training doesn't end when the onboarding process does. It’s ongoing, and companies must keep employees informed of any new policies while refining their skills throughout each stage of employment. Why? Because doing so can increase job satisfaction and confidence.

Engaging training materials keep employees invested in their work and are needed to foster a stimulating workplace. With interactive training techniques, companies can engage workers through each stage of the employee lifecycle. In turn, employees are more responsive to new information. They’re free to learn at a comfortable pace while still acquiring new skills to improve their job performance.

Instructors may have the greatest learning content, but it’s useless if employees don’t remember it. Rich layers of interactivity can create memorable learning experiences that employees won’t soon forget. It’s easy with Joomag, whose flagship Crater™ Editor has been helping over 700,000 businesses today do exactly that.

To get started, simply upload a PDF file or use a pre-designed template.Then enrich your content with interactive elements, including videos, slideshows, hotspots, and plugins. Dynamic content results in much more impactful learning experiences. With interactive training and resources, employees are encouraged to perform at high levels consistently.