White Paper: Creating Email Newsletters That Convert - Page 4

Clean up inboxes by consolidating scattered information into one resource.
Reinforce product or customer-related information in other communication channels.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can leverage digital newsletters to engage more customers:

Go beyond text. Include visual and audio content to keep readers invested. Use assets like photos, podcasts, video interviews, and recordings.
People respond more favorably to real photographs than generic stock images. Although text is always important, brainstorm more creative, visual ways to captivate audiences. Capture the magic of your brand by including an interactive slideshow or video, for example.
If you’re looking for some good content ideas for your next newsletter, try including how-to articles, top 10 lists, roundups of your best blog posts, interesting infographics, and polls or surveys.
Other important topics to cover: new product launches, special coupons, FAQs, tips for using your products or services, upcoming sales, your company’s story, contests, giveaways, industry-relevant news, sponsorships, and customer support information.
Include monthly roundups such as articles, press releases, videos, and customer reviews.
Mention important upcoming events.