White Paper: Creating Email Newsletters That Convert - Page 10

Building engaging newsletters is no small task. It can cost you time and money that you’ll possibly never get back. Fortunately, its benefits far outweigh the costs. Newsletters are an excellent way to communicate with customers, keeping them up to date on any new products or features you roll out. The best newsletters are targeted, personalized, and consistent.

According to Mailjet, good marketing newsletters “guarantee constant website traffic, signups to webinars, other event registrations, and product sales. However, [they] are only effective if they are well designed and perfectly executed.”

Main criteria for a successful newsletter:

Value: provide people with information they can apply to their personal or work lives.
Relevance: content should be pertinent to the reader’s interests and/or industry.
Visually appealing: avoid text-only newsletters. Instead, include interactive elements such as video, audio, slideshows, and links. Format your content so that it’s easy to read (bullet points, lists, etc.)
Interesting: write a catchy subject line and ensure your newsletter educates readers with insightful content.