Geolocation, Device Insights, Link Insights, and PDF Downloads | Joomag | Page 17

Geolocation insights: use Joomag's overlay map to see which countries, states, and cities people are accessing your publications from.

Device insights: learn which mobile or desktop devices readers are using.

Link insights: mine links embedded in your brochures for valuable data, including the number of clicks each one receives.

PDF downloads: track how many times the offline version of your publication is downloaded.

KPIs, or key performance indicators, can significantly improve business performance when implemented properly. Coupled with an inclusive content marketing platform, they generate a significant amount of insight into driving business value with high-level data analysis. Below are some ways Joomag has helped hotels around the world engage customers with interactive content:

200% increase in average session duration
5x as many pageviews
40% decrease in bounce rates