The Impact of Technology on the Hospitality Industry | Page 3


Travelers looking for an exclusive, themed experience are a big reason why the hospitality industry is thriving today. According to Deloitte’s analysis, the explosion of IoT and mobile apps in the last decade has attributed to the industry’s exponential growth. Technology has helped businesses streamline travel risk management programs, mitigate common travel snags, and generally enhance the overall experience.

But things aren’t stopping there. 2018 is the ideal year for hoteliers and travel companies to breathe new life into their business models. More specifically, they must understand what technologies consumers are willing to use and which ones will provide real value by simplifying the travelling experience.
Marketing trends in the hospitality industry are constantly changing. This year, the prevalence of smartphone applications and online services are transforming how travelers look for and book rooms. According to MDG Advertising:

Digital travel sales are forecasted to reach $198 billion in 2018.
More than 140 million adults in the United States will research trips online. 71% use the Internet to plan, 79% use it to shop, and 83% use it to book.