What's The Buzz Buzz Robotics Newsletter Issue 2 2020 - Page 3

Kickoff Recap Kickoff 2020 went very smoothly for Buzz. The team arrived at 10:30am on January 4th and watched the FIRST Game Re- veal Livestream. We started brainstorming around 11:45am, had a team lunch, and then went back to brainstorming in small groups for the rest of the day. The team started by throwing out ideas of what they wanted the robot to do, not focusing on designs that we could use to accomplish said tasks. The team had team dinner with families, alumni, men- tors, and supporters to update everyone on the goals for the year. Pizza was served and the game was explained. Below are the first impressions of Kickoff by freshmen on Buzz. This is my first time on the team, so seeing this game was exciting. The hanging mechanic seems intriguing and like a fun challenge. A ball shooter for the ports will be fun to create and the control panel seems easy enough. It will also be interesting to see how robots decide to balance themselves after climbing. I look forward to the variety of bots that there will be this year, and also to see what other teams decided on that we may have not thought of. Over all, I am extremely excited. By Isabela Mutart I was pretty scared for kickoff because I didn’t know how it would go. Although, seeing this years challenge, I was really ex- cited to work on it. I’ve been enjoying my time in the shop and learning about how to use all the different machines in there. I’m excited for the competitions and to see how all the different ro- bots function and move. I'm extremely happy to be on the team. By Arianna Leone Issue 2: February 1, 2020 PAGE 3