What's The Buzz Buzz 2019 Newsletter Issue 5 - Page 8

Student Talk Aiden Howell Freshman I learned a lot at our Waterbury competition, which was my first competi- tion ever. While at the competition, I spent most of my time either scouting in the stands or adventuring around the pits. Many teams will bring pins or find other ways to make their pits unique, and I enjoy going around with my team- mates and collecting as many pins as possible. One team made a scavenger hunt for people to do at the competition between matches. I took part in that and am now trying to get Buzz to have a scavenger hunt as well. I also ended up wearing the “Buzz-Man” costume for team spirit , and followed around the drive team (while doing the macarena) for encouragement. Shah Qureshi Freshman During the Waterbury event, overall, it was fun and successful. We learned a lot, and I personally enjoyed it. The robot had trouble during Sandstorm due to the manipulator and the camera. However, if it weren't for this competition, we wouldn't know how to improve the robot. Before the competition, everyone made scouting seem like a chore, but it was fine to me. I had fun watching all the different robots, seeing how they were built and designed. It made me think how we can improve our robot, and how we can design it next year. Issue 5: May 19, 2019 PAGE 8