What's The Buzz Buzz 2019 Newsletter Issue 2 - Page 5

Student Talks Hunter Chambers Freshman The FRC kickoff was an amazing experience overall. In the beginning when the meeting had just started, I did not know what to expect. The team worked through Kickoff, which I found showed how serious Kickoff was. Then, after the Kickoff animation was watched multiple times, the team went to work immediately on thinking and debating the most effective way to play the game. This was very surprising because I did not think that this much thought went into the most effective way to score points, and it goes to show how thorough the team is. In fact, we only did basic robot design because there was a lot of conversation and debate on the most efficient ball/ hatch placement and such. Overall, I would say the Buzz Robotics team did very well in this Kickoff meeting and I am happy to be on the team. Alexander Easley Freshman Kick-off was interesting with the fact that everyone had their mind set that the game was going to do with outer space. My favorite part of build season so far is making mechanisms that can potentially help us pick up the required items in order to gain points and the fact that we are getting to make parts of the bot. Though it does take a lot of work and effort to make the parts of the bot, it’s still very fun. It’s also fun to work with all the different mentors that we have here working with us to get the bot done. Though it is a lot of work to make certain parts, it's still fun to work with the team. It also is a little challenging with the fact that everyone has different ideas of how the bot is going to work, but I still think that we will be able to compromise. Other than that, I hope to have a great year in Buzz Robotics! Issue 2: February 2, 2019 PAGE 5