What's The Buzz Buzz 2019 Newsletter Issue 2 - Page 4

2019 Game The new game pieces this year are the hatch panel (shown on the left) and the cargo balls (shown below). The hatch panels are 3/16 in thick polycar- bonate disks with an outside diameter of 19 inches and loop tape around the edges. The cargo balls are rubber playground balls with a diameter of 13 inches. During the beginning and end of the match, ro- bots will be located on the habitat (shown be- low). This is a ramp with 2 platforms stacked on top made of high density polyethylene. The plat- forms are located 3 inches, 9 inches, and 22 inches from the ground. Climbing these plat- forms in any formation to score 15 points at the end of the match will earn the alliance a ranking point! Issue 2: February 2, 2019 PAGE 4