What's The Buzz Buzz 2019 Newsletter Issue 2 - Page 2

2019 Game The 2019 game, Destination: Deep Space, is played by two alliances made up of three robots each. The alliances race to score this year’s game pieces, cargo and hatch pan- els, before the two minute and thirty second match is over. Each match begins with a 15 second period when the drivers’ view of the field is blocked, named Sandstorm. During this time, all robots can either be driven autonomously by pre- programmed code or by the drivers through the use of a camera mounted on the robot. Points during this stage are awarded for crossing the Hab line. The amount of points awarded corresponds to the level of the habitat each robot drove off of-either level 1 for 3 points or level 2 for 6 points. After Sandstorm, points are scored based on the number of hatch panels and cargo each alliance scores. These pieces are placed in either the rocket or cargo ship; 2 points for hatch panels and 3 points for cargo. Lastly, during the fifteen second end-game, robots return once again to the habitat and climb onto one of the three levels before the match ends to score either 3, 6, or 12 points. Issue 2: February 2, 2019 PAGE 2