What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 6 - Page 7

Student Talks This season was my first time on the drive team. I felt a huge honor to drive the robot at Worlds. I was kept busy the whole time, doing everything from helping the mentors repair the robot after breaking it in the previous match, to talking with judges and other members from other drive teams. The few times we did have a break during the competition, I would find myself in the stands talking with the rest of the team, or looking for food with Sarah and Bret. Even though it was really upsetting that we didn’t perform as well as I hoped we would, and we didn’t get picked for alliance selection, the mentors and my teammates were right there to help cheer us up. The mentors bought us stickers to make a smiley face on the robot and tried joking around with us. We then went with the rest of the team to look at the activities and games FIRST had set up around the city. We found cool things like giant Jenga and giant Battleship. The final matches in Einstein were really close and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Just watching their drivers keep their cool and perform how they did makes them all winners in my opinion. I would say even though we didn’t do great at Worlds our team came out stronger in the end and I can’t wait see what’s going to come from it next year. By Ben Penti For my first time traveling with the team, I say the experience was amazing. Meeting people from different countries and teams from all over the USA was really cool. During the trip I learned many things and got to see so much! Seeing all of the different robots and the ideas that people put into the robot was amazing. It was great to have the privilege to go and have such an experience. I would do it again any day! By Lillia Polmatier Issue 6: July 12, 2019 PAGE 7