What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 4 - Page 6

Mentor Profiles Name: Caroline Marr Years Involved With The Team: I’ve worked with Buzz for 3 years as a mentor and previously for 2 years as student. Why They Joined: I decided to join as a mentor because current stu- dents asked me to. Prior to this, I volunteered at multiple FIRST events and became a mentor to get more involved in the program. Favorite Memory: Definitely the playoffs at the World Championships last year. We were against incredibly poor odds and yet the team pulled through. The excitement of the team during this time was infectious. What You Hope The Students Take Away From What You Teach Us: I want the students to have the ability to solve problems that don’t have easy solutions and learn how STEAM can be used in the real world. Also, I would like the students to make great memories. Specialty: I am part of the management team and assist with scouting and strategy during compe- titions. Affiliation: I am a high school statistics teacher at Enfield High. Name: Richard “DJ” Desjean Number of Years on the Team: 18 (started in 1997 and took a 5 year break) Why They Joined: My daughter convinced me to join when she was a senior at Enrico Fermi High School. Favorite Memory While on the Team: I par- ticipated as driver coach in the 1998 “Ladder Logic” game. We finished in the finals at Disney World, winning every match until the last game. I never forgot the excitement from that day. What Do You Hope Students Take Away From What You Teach Us: I hope the students embrace gracious professionalism and develop leadership skills. Specialty: Electrical engineering was my profession, however, I am more of a generalist in electrical and mechanical activities on the team. Affiliation: VFW Post 6123- Korea 1974-1975 Issue 4: March 7, 2019 PAGE 6