What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 4 - Page 5

Mentor Profiles Name: Drew Boynton Number of Years on the Team: 4 Why They Joined: At Program of Studies Night in 2015, my daughter decided to join the Buzz team. During build season in 2016, the team asked for parent volunteers to help build field ele- ments. Having a background in many trades, I decided to help out. Favorite Memory While on the Team: When Buzz won at WPI during Stronghold 2016. We arrived with a barely finished robot and were still diagnosing issues with the ball launcher and hanging device. As qualifying progressed, the team worked out bugs in the robot. We were the last pick. In the end we were on the winning alliance. It was great seeing Buzz work together with the alliance for the win. What Do You Hope Students Take Away From What You Teach Us: I hope students take away not only the skills they have learned but that any problem can be solved using the people around them plus a bit of a trial and error. You might not have the perfect solution the first time but with time and effort every challenge can be overcome. Specialty: I mostly work on building the field but also help make parts in the shop. Affiliation: Pratt and Whitney Name: Carole Del Vecchio Number of Years on the Team: 1 Why They Joined: I experienced FTC last year as the Electric Eagles team met in my classroom at school. Not only was I impressed by the robot they built, but I saw a great group of young people collaborating. Since Ms. Marr was a FTC mentor, I took her invitation to explore Buzz Robotics. The rest is history. Favorite Memory While on the Team: I really en- joyed seeing the robot move for the very first time. What Do You Hope Students Take Away From What You Teach Us: I hope students will gain self- confidence and learn to value team dynamics and how im- portant working with your hands can be. Each person needs a balance between think- ing and doing things to have a meaningful, purposeful life and career. Specialty: I do all of the welding/fabrication for the team. Affiliation: I am a materials processing/auto teacher at Enfield High School. Issue 4: March 7, 2019 PAGE 5